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ChienMarin HealthFarm is a Onsen-style (温泉) wellness created in 2020 to take care of Body, Mind & Spirit.  It's a place to come home to yourself.

The Healthfarm building and Sundeck are utterly private, secluded, and yet with a view over the Polders.  A place to be united with your inner self, a place to feel alive and at peace.

The 100 m2 Wooden Sundeck is located near a natural pond, creating a unique blend of lounging, relaxation & wellness.

It's a place to soak the natural energy during the day and/or enjoy a cocktail or glass of champagne around sunset.

Inside ChienMarin HealthFarm building is a i-soPod Float Tank and a Qhotspa Venice Jacuzzi 

The Venice Jacuzzi is a 4-adults 69-jet HotSpa with 2 seats and 2 berths and 5 distinct Massage sequences.

The relaxing massage effects come form 2 motors and a separate zone air-venture system.  The jacuzzi contains a cascade, and alternating led light effects to create that special moment.

Next to the Jacuzzi, there is a lounging area.

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Outside the ChienMarin HealthFarm building on the nearby sundeck there is a wood fired Finnish Sauna, a tub that can be used as cool-down during Sauna sessions, or alternatively as a wood-fired HotTub, a Cascade Shower area, and of course the Sundeck itself.

The Sauna has a maximum glass panels to enjoy the wide view of the Polders and the estate whilst enjoying the intimacy of a 2 or 4 people sauna experience, with Aromatherapeutic essences available for further enjoyment.

Weather permitting, the HotTub, which is wood fired, can be heated to 42C, which is a perfect presence to soak and enjoy the sunset.

The Wooden Sundeck can be used for discrete sunbathing in the middle of nature, or for lounging later on.  A Firepit (Mexican Chiminea) can be lighted to increase the experience.  the deck is also suited for Yoga Sessions.

Of course, wellness is about wellbeing, in Body, Mind and Spirit.

So enjoyment and lounging has to be part of the experience,  Freedom from daily routines and freedom to enjoy the pleasures in life can be the reward of effort and success...

Cheers to Life...!

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