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Spiritual Guidance

Ingrid is a Holistic therapist and Coach.  Gifted with far reaching empathy, Ingrid can see through the toughest and complex situations and guide you to a resolution or gradual improvement.  

We all pass through difficult moments in our life. Through worries and stress, at times we lose ourselves and are not able to life though our essence

My expertise is to bing our the best in you, work with your proper energy and guide you through the strength of your soul.  This holistic approach combines Conversations, Massages, and workshops.


The result is feeling great and in balance, full of self confidence.  Let yourself be guided by your purpose in life, and aim for a great future...


Ingrid Bulcke, world traveller and all-round healer, created this paradise together with her husband.  Ingrid was born in Africa, and intuïtie Sjamana with a very high capacity for perception and empathy.

One of her specialties is energetic cleaning end she achieves this through Chakra Healing and Reiki.  She also provides conversationeel therapy and makes people autosufficient

Ingrid organizes workshops around different subjects such as "coming home with yourself", "Healing yourself", "Chakra Healing", "Balancing Male and Female energy", Mindfullness, and "Living from your soul"

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