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ChienMarin Residences(*****) and HealthFarm is a converted Farm Estate, constructed from 1712 onwards in the Polders in the Flemish Countryside (Belgium). The original buildings were rebuild to the current square lay-out in 1864, and renovated extensively in 2019-2021.

The Residences, which are located 250m from the public roads, are build around a rectangle inner courtyard, which is sheltered and utterly private.  Given the layout, there is always a side or corner out of the wind, and depending of the season, in the sunshine to enjoy the warmth or in the shadow for the natural breeze.

The farm uses extensive solar panels and recuperated natural water to minimize the environmental impact.


The Residences is a 127 m2 (1,370 Sq Feet) 2-bedroom 2-story townhouse with direct access to the courtyard.

The ground floor has an extensive 45m2 lounge and dining area with a 42" HD TV, Apple TV and high speed internet access.  The Kitchen is fully equipped, contains basics, and cab be used to prepare both breakfast and full meals.  

The bathroom is equipped with a Villeroy & Boch Bathtub and Shower and uses natural water resources.

The upper floor has 2 bedrooms, one equipped with a Super King Size (180x200cm) and one with a King Size Bed, both bedrooms have ample build-in closets. There are toilets both on ground and upper floor.

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Around the courtyard, the main Family Home, the ChienMarin Residences(*****), the stables and the Barn are all sheltering the yard.

On one side of the courtyard there is a pond (part of the earlier fortifications), providing a happy place, where it is great to lounge with a drink in summer time.  The yard can be used for BBQ and outside dining

Next to the Residences (*****) is the HealthFarm and annex hardwood Sundeck.  

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