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Come back to your essence

ChienMarin Healthfarm & Residences(*****) is a farm estate, constructed from 1712 onwards in the Polders, in the Flemish Country side (Belgium). The Estate is converted with an exclusive Holiday Home (the Residences), an extensive Wellness with inside and outside area, and Spiritual guidance for people seeking Mindfulness including Executives with a burn-out.

The historic Farm buildings and stables are newly converted  and are available for selected FarmStay holidays.

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Ingrid is a certified in Holistic Therapy.  Gifted with far reaching empathy, she can see through the complexities of every day life and guide you through spirituality to resolution or gradual improvement.  

Ingrid has been helping and guiding men and women throughout a decade.  Combining elements of Asian Feng Shui, Indian Reiki and deep tissue massages, and through a Holistic approach Ingrid  coaches you to stillness, Mindfulness and inner peace.

Ingrid has accumulated a wide range of professional education, training and experience, in different countries and cultures (India, Hong Kong & Singapore, Mexico, Peru...).  She has a truly global perspective. 

Holistic Therapist - Light Worker - Reiki Master (India) - Chakra Healer - Holistic & Ayurvedic Massages - Energetic Therapist - Consciousness-Coach - Feng Shui adviseur - Corporal Phychology - Bio-Dance - Eneagrama - Shamana - Deep Empathic Capacity - Auteur

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ChienMarin HealthFarm is a Holistic Wellness and Flotation Centre.  

The Wellness Area had the following features

  • 4 person relaxing and massaging Jacuzzi

  • i-soPod Float Tank for Flotation therapy

  • Massage room for personalized Massages

  • Hard Wooden SunDeck next to a natural pond

  • Wood Fired Sauna

  • Wood Fired Hot Tub

  • Firepit and Deck Chairs for sun-set lounging 

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KadoBon beschikbaar, vanaf €50.-

Een ideetje om een prachtig geschenk te geven:  

een ChienMarin Heathfarm KadoBon 

- i-soPod

- Massages

- Sauna & Jacuzzi/HotTub

- Fles Bubbles

- verblijf in de residence

- Just producten uit Zwitserland

Bel ons voor een voorstel... 

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